In our portfolio, there are various projects of different business events developed by us 'turnkey' specifically for our partners. We do not disclose information and photo materials of these events in open access to maintain the confidentiality of our partners' data.

In this section, you will find information about the project that we have been implementing for several years - the music festival FIESTALONIA MILENIO, which in the summer of 2019 will visit Batumi for the first time and for the fourth time will be in Tbilisi in the fall of 2019.

Our experience allows us to successfully organize and conduct events of any level of complexity. Over the years of its work, the tour operator VECTOR TRAVEL GEORGIA has implemented numerous projects and programs.


The key to successful business management and development unquestionably lies in business meetings. The preparation of such events, the perfectly chosen place, and the timing of the meeting directly influence the outcome. Extensive business connections, knowledge of the specific aspects of conducting business in Georgia, and the ability to correctly choose a suitable location for the meeting assist us in organizing business meetings. Depending on your goals and the nature of your business, we will not only provide you with the necessary information about the business circles that interest you but also help organize meetings with potential partners. We will assist in creating a suitable atmosphere that will allow you to effectively convey your ideas to current and future partners, achieving maximum efficiency.


All our programs are developed in accordance with the individual goals and objectives of our partners. Georgia itself inspires us to create unique and breathtaking projects. The country's culture and nature enable us to implement a wide variety of programs. In our portfolio, you will find city tours and outdoor activities, hiking or horseback expeditions, social events in luxurious hotels or clubs, relaxation at the best health resorts in Georgia, culinary and educational tours, unique quests, and sports events, among many others. The main element of such projects is a non-standard program tailored specifically to you, taking into account your goals and budget.


The organization of seminars, conferences, symposiums, and similar events in collaboration with VECTOR TRAVEL GEORGIA will free you from unnecessary complexities and streamline the entire process. We will not only take care of all organizational aspects but also help you create an effective, clear, and achievable event plan. With an extensive database of hotels in Georgia and knowledge of the specific features of each, a large transportation fleet, and a longstanding fruitful collaboration with various restaurants, along with the ability to prepare an excellent entertainment program - all of this allows us to organize seminars and conferences for any number of guests and within any budget. We understand that the key to the successful execution of such events lies in proper time management, impeccable logistics, and clear coordination of all departments responsible for event organization.


Perhaps, there is not a single month on Georgia's calendar without bright and noteworthy events. The sports and cultural life of Tbilisi and Batumi are filled with unique and interesting activities. Whether you want to participate in one of the already planned events or create your own unique product, whatever your desire may be, we will be happy to fulfill it. We will help you define goals and objectives and choose a suitable format based on these factors. Our unique experience and a cohesive team of professionals will assist you in creating a unique event or seamlessly integrating your program into an existing and scheduled event. Corporate celebrations, gala dinners, vibrant parties, participation in sports events, festivals, and exhibitions – we will gladly organize any event from this list for you.